A word from the founder

My greatest asset is my family. My family in the literal sense of the word, but also my host family which is Cameroon. The land where my children and grandchildren grew up. It is indeed with great pride that the 4th family generation joins the Group. The ARNO Group is part of this family spirit, and that is why I make it a point of honour to ensure that mutual trust and transparency prevail in relations between my colleagues, but also in the relations that unite the Group with its customers, consumers and partners.
This family spirit is also what leads the ARNO Group to attach great importance to respecting local traditions, culture, and the roots that make up the Cameroonian country, always making sure to integrate into our strategy the local context in which we operate.

Nous choisissons la voie de l’alliance entre tradition et modernité. Since the foundation of ARNO in 1963, our family is proud and honored to be present and active on the Cameroonian territory.
I know that the only value to succeed is the work, but, the work TOGETHER. We must never forget that each man is important, and the next ones to come even more so.
The ARNO Group is, I can say, the fruit of a lifetime, but above all the fruit of a passion, of a strong desire to unite our know-how, our work force to create, to move forward together towards a common goal: to always satisfy you. Open to our world and our time, attentive to developments, new trends and changes that are necessary, the ARNO Group, with pride, will not cease to cultivate this requirement, by constantly adapting to your requests. Your ideas will always be welcome by my children and especially my grandchildren.
Let’s build a better world together so that this beautiful story continues and the ARNO Group’s influence continues to grow.

Anestis Arnopoulos, Founder du
ARNO Group